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Learn how to build Electronics/ Embedded Systems

Learn to design and construct electronic devices and simple robots. When you enrol for Electronics/Embedded Systems Training programme at KodeHauz, you will be trained on basic embedded software programming languages such as C/C++, Arduino programming, Python programming for Raspberry Pi and other microcontroller programming.

Learn to code: become a job ready programmer

Acquire some of the most in-demand skills in 2017 with these intensive computer programming training courses from KodeHauz. Our one-month training courses cover: Web Design, Web Development and Mobile App Development.


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Basic GIT commands with examples

Git is an essential revision control system for programmers because it aids in managing changes as well as enhance collaborative work.

Loads of Stuff

While using my android phone in the past, I have been skeptical about using some features initially there to make me more comfortable.

From Dusk Till Dawn

Writing website tests in Laravel could generally follow a simple algorithm: Write tests -> Run tests (kudos to phpunit) -> evaluate the output message -> Repair or restructure

Using the Superfish dropdown menu in Drupal 8

Superfish is a smart and flexible module for creating nice, responsive and flexible dropdown menus.

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