In this post, I’ll be sharing basic steps to writing a good blog post. Most of our daily activities involve writing - from writing text messages and emails, to work presentations and meetings. This is because writing conveys information in a better way and therefore the need to learn the skill of writing. Learning the skill of writing helps you to advance in the workplace because it helps develop your communication and thinking skills as writing is also crucial to becoming a good reader.

In general, writing can feel daunting, trust me. At times you sit down to write and the words don’t come. In times like this, it is best to come up with a plan/outline for your blog post as this helps you create something great. Even professional writers take time to plan, think critically, conduct research and make an outline before getting to work and these are the steps to take before the actual writing is done. I’ll get right to sharing these basic steps to writing a good blog post;

planning a good blog post


STEP 1: Plan your blog post

Choose a suitable topic: This just has to come first. Before you can start writing any article at all, you need to choose a topic that suits your readers. That is to say, you need to know your audience and what they are looking for. I’ll be specific - you can’t go on writing about religious matters on a tech platform and vice versa.  Also, you should choose to write about interesting things so as not to bore your readers. 

Do your research: Now that you have decided on what to write about, you can not claim to know so much about that topic and so you need to do thorough research on your topic. This helps you to gain more ideas and knowledge on the information you want to convey to your readers - and, from this, you can also get facts. As you research, it is very important you take notes because you do not want those facts and ideas to get lost. This also helps you to figure out vital keywords and to come up with more exciting blog topics or titles.

Make an outline for your content: I actually learned this online and I feel it would be useful to you. Before you start writing your content, you need to make an outline as to how you want your post to appear. Nothing too lengthy or detailed but just a rough guide that helps your blog post stay organized and keeps you on track. 
For example, below is the outline I made for this post before I started writing it:

Brief about the importance of learning the skill of writing

Step 1 - Planning your blog post
What writers do before getting to work - plan/choosing a blog topic, research, make an outline.

Step 2 - Content Writing
The use of images, formatting, styles, etc

Step 3 - Editing your blog post
Things to check for, proofread, read aloud, etc.


Making an outline will help you to know what areas of the blog topic you want to cover, in what order you want your various sections to be and how you want them to appear. 

STEP 2: Content writing

So, you’ve come up with a suitable topic, done your research and you know how you want to organize your write up, now you’re ready to start writing.

Writing: This is where you start writing a break-down on every point you've outlined, followed by the use of images and the appropriate use of formats and styles. 
Use of Images: Firstly, images are supporting tools that make a good blog post. It makes your content more exciting but it is quite the opposite when you do not know how to use them. In the same way people use paragraphs to separate their points, images can be used as well. It makes it easier for people to read your content (although the use of images is not always necessary).

Secondly, if you are to use an image for your blog post, it is important that you use high-resolution images. Blurry or not-so-clear images are not so attractive to your readers and personally, I think it reduces the quality of your content.

Thirdly, you cannot just pick any image from the internet and upload them on your blog post. If you are looking to buy high-quality images, you can check out Shutterstock. And for free quality images, you can check on Personally, I use Canva to design images for my blog post, so you can check it out.

Use of formats and styles: Formatting and styling when writing a good blog post contributes to the art of your work, making your write-up more attractive and easy to read. Whereas the misuse of these tools makes your content unattractive. Good formatting helps distinguish the different parts of your content and makes it easy for your readers to digest your message better. For your blog post;

  • The body of your content needs to be sizable and clear to the eyes.
  • Headings should be big and bold and should also follow the same style throughout your write-up
  • Important words need to be emphasized
  • Quotes and references should be separated from the other text

For a good blog post, note that you shouldn’t go on selecting fonts and making characters bold, italicized, underlined or capitalized where it is not necessary. You should know when to apply indents, bullets, line spacing, and so on. 

STEP 3: Edit your blog post

Do you feel your work is done after writing? Well, no. After creating your content, it is necessary that you edit your work. Many people overlook this step because they think it takes too much time editing a post, but editing your post will make it come out better. 

Proof-read: The first thing you need to do is proof-read. Read your whole write-up from the title to the very last paragraph. This is when you can identify and rectify typographical, grammatical, punctuation and spelling errors and for this, you should consider using the help of a free grammar checker like Grammarly. Also, nobody likes a disorganized blog post, so at this stage, you should check your formatting and styling. Don’t forget your feature images too, they should be placed properly and should be of high resolution.

Read your blog post aloud: This is as important as proof-reading for creating a good blog post. Read your content to your hearing. If it sounds interesting to your ears, so will it to your reader's mind. 

Conclusion: So, guys, that’s how to write a good blog post! Writing can be so exciting for you as it is for me, and I hope y’all are ready to learn the skill of writing and blog better with these steps.