Over the years, there have been many innovations and changes in the technology industry that have sparked a revolution in those years. Behind these innovations, there were drive and motivating factors about which those innovations were born. Some innovations never saw the light of day because the authors of those innovations never made it completely people-centred. Some CEOs thought it was all about them and their company.

Moreover, Technology is dominating every sphere of today’s industries whether they be health, fashion, education, petroleum or banking industry, as such that any industry that doesn’t leverage the opportunity will almost fizzle out into irrelevance as far as this digital  trend is concerned, and interestingly, it now affects our private lives.

Here comes another innovation that will escalate the commerce of south-south Nigeria to uncommon altitude. KodeHauz Solution Planet, a Tech-based innovation company in the city of Eket in Akwa Ibom, launches a vendor-centric initiative geared towards promoting the brands of vendors within any community by placing them in a web shopfront enabling potential buyers to discover them and patronize them, it is known as Localstore. This web platform is an online directory of business for discovering vendors within a locality. This initiative communicates values to the vendors and the customers alike. This platform serves as a medium through which potential buyers can have a physical interface with the vendors.localstore logo

Virtually everyone is engaged online, business transactions, banking, shopping, education, research, games and more seem to major our focus online.  So, when a vendor thinks he cannot leverage this opportunity, he will be neglecting a vehicle to a future of digital business advancement. This is already igniting an explosion that will create a social universe for local businesses that even Search engines can take advantage of as a local listing platform.

Many businesses have been drowned in the deluge of market competition and as such, they struggle for their voice to be heard. Some vendors have been almost frustrated out of significance due to want of the right customer as few others whose businesses are in remote and rural areas strive to procure sustainable recognition in the market. Others have got a brand with the quest to inscribe their unique identity on the portals of the marketplace but have been under the veil of the crowded labour market. LocalStore has an answer.

The benefits are ever graphically unfolding. It aids in bringing you and your business to digital limelight, giving your business a web presence, keeping a virtual open store 24/7, unveiling your hidden brand, giving your business a marketing edge, bringing to you the right customers without perspiration (sweat), allowing users (visitors) to discover vendors’ business within the ambits of their purchase interests, to mention a few.

To register your business on LocalStore platform is quite easy, visit www.localstore.ng now, click on “add vendor or shop”, and fill in your details within the spaces. You can visit www.kodehauz.com to learn more.

Click on www.localstore.ng now to join.


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