One of the benefits of working with open source software is the availability of plugins to extend functionality.

Drupal has thousands of plugins known as modules that can be used to achieve virtually anything with the CMS platform.

Installing and uninstalling the module can easily be done on the control panel when logged in. Fatal errors in the module (which could be custom or contributed) can make the dashboard inaccessible as well as causing the entire web site to crash with the dreaded WSOD (white screen of death).

An alternative would be to manually remove the faulty module and delete the configuration from the database.

To fix this easily,

  1. Delete the faulty module from the file system
  2. Truncate the "cache_config" table in the database
  3. Run /rebuild.php on your project
  4. Run /update.php on your project
  5. Clear cache

Remember you have to do this as an administrator. Your faulty module should be gone from your file system and config settings.


Richie is a website builder at KodeHauz. He loves Drupal and has launched many websites with it. His hobbies include: swimming, watching movies and TV series, writing, conducting and singing with the choir and, of course, writing codes.