Work Related Stress can be very depressing especially when there is a lot on my hands and I can't manage them.

Tasks and the To-do list keeps increasing everyday………………..

I have a deadline to properly complete them and submit….

It is fast approaching and I haven’t done half of it all…..

"How to meet up the deadlines, with complete staff work?!"


Work Related Stress
Work-related stress and fatigue

Do I stay awake all night and work? Do I reject food and force the work into my head? Or should I shut down one part of my life, leave friends, families and kill myself to ensure the work is done???

All these are symptoms of work stress and fatigue, they linger and duel in our thoughts due to the load we carry and how poorly they are managed. This stress will invariably lead to the following effects:

  1. Increased body stress and fever
  2. Loss of weight and body size
  3. Losing connection to the world and in-depth dissatisfaction
  4. Psychological effects at adverse scale like depression and drug use
  5. Death at the worst stage.

This level of effects can develop to an extreme case if they are not properly managed. Remember you are not the only one working nor are you the only one with such workload, there are people out there who have seen worse and are doing exceedingly well with it.



  1. Time Management: This is a crucial tool in reducing your stress and producing results. It is proper you manage your time. For example, try creating a timetable for each day based on your already existing projects, and do well to be disciplined about it, you will be glad you did.


  1. Setting Priorities: “Jack Of All Trades, Master Of None”, this is a popular saying we already know but so many don’t yet understand it. When you do all jobs both the unimportant, not urgent, urgent and important all together, you end up wasting time and at the end get nothing done. But when you prioritize your work, scale them according to which is more important or urgent, you can focus on critical ones first, and later on, do others. This will help maximize your time and reduce stress.


  1. Set Achievable Goals: Yes, set goals that are achievable, something that is within your reach, and work towards it. You surely will work without stressing yourself too much.


  1. Share Your Challenges: A lot of people don’t know how to relate, please if you are in this category please work on it. It is necessary we share our challenges with our friends, superior colleagues or anyone else we feel can handle it. Trust me you will thank me for this.


  1. Work Comfortably: Try to apply techniques that make you feel relaxed while working like you are at home. Techniques like stretching, having breaks, listening to music to soothe your mind - anything at all that works for you. Remember, “All Work and No Play, Makes Jack a Dull Boy”. Though, it doesn’t mean you should play all the time. Be Disciplined about it.