Python Meetup
Event Date

Python Nigeria Meetup is a gathering of Python Programming Language enthusiasts in Nigeria.

Are you a Beginner, Intermediate or Advanced Python Programmer?

Join us for a wonderful session of learning, sharing, and fun – all skill levels are welcome!


The meetup is open to all aspiring python developers and experts
Topics / sessions include:
1. Introduction to Python programming and what can be built with python
2. Machine Learning with Python
3.Introduction web scraping with python using beautiful soup
4. Software development best practices - Getting Started with BDD and TDD
5. Contributing to open source

There will be a breakout session on:
1.Machine Learning with Python
2. Getting started with Heroku and Digital Ocean Hosting services
3. How to integrate circle ci/ Travis ci
4. How to Integrate Elastic Search to your app

Hackathon - prices to be won

There will be swags and refreshment. How to find us You can find us at KODEHAUZ, 38, Afaha Uqua Road, Eket, Akwa Ibom State.

What to come with? Come with your laptop if you have one, come with your programmer friend

Gate Fee: It's TOTALLY FREE.

Come let's do it the python way. Don't miss out!