Posted byJennifer onJun 15, 2021
With a keen observation, it has become obvious that the Technology Industry is gradually on its way to becoming one of the most important industries in the economy. People still crave for easy lifestyle and automation is the order of the day, after all, the core purpose of tech is to make our lives significantly easier as compared to physical labor.

JavaScript and Its Various Applications in Programming

Posted byginjardev onDec 8, 2020

In case you don't already know JavaScript is a very versatile programming language that can be used beyond frontend web development.

JavaScript has many applications and we are going to show you just how versatile the language is.

Top 8 Chrome Extensions for Web Developers

Posted byginjardev onDec 3, 2020

A web developer is almost as good as his tools, hence we will highlight some nifty chrome extensions you should have in your tool rack.

Common Beginner Programming Mistakes You Should Avoid

Posted byginjardev onDec 1, 2020

Writing a bug-free script or code at the first trial is a fantasy for software developers. We can't entirely escape bugs in our codes but we can adhere to some programming principles to minimize the number of bugs we have to deal with.

Useful Git Commands A Developer Should Master

Posted byginjardev onNov 25, 2020

Every serious developer knows that allowing your codes to sit in your computer's hard disc is quite a risk that might prove very detrimental.

Hence, there is a need to use a version control system for keeping track of changes in your codes during software development.

5 Best Resources For Learning JavaScript As A Beginner

Posted byginjardev onNov 16, 2020

Now you are certain you want to be a Frontend web developer, so what's next for you as a beginner?

Like we have revealed earlier, JavaScript is a very good programming language to start with for so many reasons. One of which is the abundant availability of resources to learn from.

5 Reasons JavaScript Should Be Your First Programming Language.

Posted byginjardev onNov 16, 2020

Software engineering is among the top 5 in-demand skills employers are seeking to recruit. The job market for software developers is growing by the day as many businesses go digital.

Hence, it is only right and very rewarding if you seek a career as a developer.

Ikechukwu Achom Gives Career Advice For Intending Mobile App Developers

Posted byginjardev onOct 23, 2020

Our lead mobile app developer at KodeHauz, Ikechukwu, takes time out to lay out a path for upcoming mobile app developers.

Here are insightful things he mentioned on the subject matter.