5 Best Resources For Learning JavaScript As A Beginner

Posted by ginjardev on Nov 16, 2020

Now you are certain you want to be a Frontend web developer, so what's next for you as a beginner?

Like we have revealed earlier, JavaScript is a very good programming language to start with for so many reasons. One of which is the abundant availability of resources to learn from.

5 Reasons JavaScript Should Be Your First Programming Language.

Posted by ginjardev on Nov 16, 2020

Software engineering is among the top 5 in-demand skills employers are seeking to recruit. The job market for software developers is growing by the day as many businesses go digital.

Hence, it is only right and very rewarding if you seek a career as a developer.

Ikechukwu Achom Gives Career Advice For Intending Mobile App Developers

Posted by ginjardev on Oct 23, 2020

Our lead mobile app developer at KodeHauz, Ikechukwu, takes time out to lay out a path for upcoming mobile app developers.

Here are insightful things he mentioned on the subject matter.

PHOTOS: KodeHauz hosts annual Developer Student Clubs (DSC) Info Session

Posted by ginjardev on Oct 16, 2020

We're glad to have played host to Developer Student Clubs (DSC) Heritage Polytechnic Eket - Info Session.

"Developer Student Clubs are university-based community groups for students interested in Google developer technologies".

PHOTOS: Project CREATE 2.1 Ends In Grand Style With Our Principal Partners In Attendance

Posted by ginjardev on Oct 15, 2020

KodeHauz in collaboration with Start Innovation Hub and Foundation for Partnership Initiatives in the Niger Delta - PIND trained young Nigerian youths under the Project CREATE 2.1 in various digital skills including Web Development, Mobile App Development, Electronics & Embedded Systems, Digi

5 Technical Skills For Android App Development

Posted by ginjardev on Oct 14, 2020

Android is an open-source mobile operating system developed from the Linux kernel for smartphones and tablets. 

Machine Learning (ML) vs Deep Learning (DL): 4 Differences

Posted by ginjardev on Oct 8, 2020

Perhaps you have come across these words Machine Learning and Deep Learning and may assume they mean the same thing. They are not exactly the same thing even though they have the same origin. 

Essentials Tools for Frontend web development

Posted by ginjardev on Oct 6, 2020

A good frontend web developer is as good as his tools. Developing the frontend of a website or web application is much easier when you have the right tools readily available to you.

Our Digital Literacy Campaign and It's Importance to young minds

Posted by susan on Oct 29, 2019

Technology increases human capacity and provides newly refined ways of thinking and development, therefore, a pressing need for digital literacy awareness. Digital Literacy Campaign (DLC) is a movement KodeHauz has designed to develop and impact young minds with skills needed to navigate the digi