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With a keen observation, it has become obvious that the Technology Industry is gradually on its way to becoming one of the most important industries in the economy. People still crave for easy lifestyle and automation is the order of the day, after all, the core purpose of tech is to make our lives significantly easier as compared to physical labor. It has taken a while but we have seen a steady increase in the dependence on technology in various sectors. Jobs that were accomplished by intensive human efforts could be carried out by a simple piece of machinery. Most financial transactions that required physical presence at the bank, has been replaced by an automated online process with the aid of technology (such as USSD, Internet banking, Mobile applications, ATM). With the Covid-19 experience, a lot of companies are beginning to evolve their process to adjust to the “New Normal”. Fun activities like visiting the movie theatre now have alternatives provided by streaming services which gives one the option of accessing contents from the comfort of one’s home. What can we take away from this development? It is obvious that some jobs would become obsolete as new ones are being created. This has led us to research on the emerging opportunities from this scenario. Hence, we have come up with the most sought-after and high earning opportunities in the tech industry. So, are you ‘Techie’ looking for a place in the industry?

Well, here are 4 jobs you may want to consider:



Software Developers are some of the most sought after and highest-earning people in the world and for good reason. They are the creative masterminds behind the host of computer applications that we make use of every day and in the different sectors of the economy. They employ a series of computer languages and codes to create and efficiently run these applications that we use and they are very much a necessity in today’s automated business world.

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The job of a Web Designer is effectively to create and design websites, they are employed to make a company’s or individual’s website highly effective and efficient by making them easy to use while retaining optimum functionality as well as ensuring that they are aesthetically pleasing to the eyes of a user. This makes web designing such an important skill-set because a successful website ultimately translates to a successful business.

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Now, this is one of the less hyped Tech fields but it’s just as rewarding as any other. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a computer system’s ability to mimic human behavior, it does this by learning from every form of data a user has made available to a computer system or the internet. An example of AI is how social media is able to recommend content for you based on the kind of content you already consume. AI Engineers build and code computer systems to collect, analyze and adapt to user data to make them more productive and less dependent on human operation.




Marketing as a skill remains relevant and Digital Marketers are constantly sought after in today’s world to help businesses grow their online presence and community. They work with Web Developers to help ensure the functionality and design of a website; they build brand awareness through social media as well as running other online marketing campaigns. Digital Marketers are highly sought after because an efficient one can determine the overall success of a business.

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So there you have it, 4 out of several of the most rewarding tech jobs in the country. Whatever field you may decide to go into, now is the time to venture into the world of tech as it is now more accommodating than it was some 10 years ago, and everyone is becoming more receptive of technology.