Now you are certain you want to be a Frontend web developer, so what's next for you as a beginner?

Like we have revealed earlier, JavaScript is a very good programming language to start with for so many reasons. One of which is the abundant availability of resources to learn from.

This might also pose a little challenge because you might not know which one you should consume as a beginner.


Here are some resources that would help you in your quest to master JavaScript.

1. JavaScript track on This is about the best point to begin as all resources here are free for learners.

2. Mozilla Developer Network: The MDN is the most comprehensive archive for everything web development and JavaScript. Most resources reference MDN.

3. This is another goldmine for documentation on JavaScript concepts like objects, inheritance, prototypes, DOM etc. The resource is frequently updated to cover new features in JS.

4. Eloquent JavaScript: Do you want to write flawless JavaScript, you need to read this book by Marijn Haverbeke. You're not just learning JavaScript but concepts in programming too.

5. JavaScript30: The best way of learning programming with JavaScript is by practicing. This platform helps you build JavaScript applications by yourself. No frameworks just sweet old vanilla JS.