Software engineering is among the top 5 in-demand skills employers are seeking to recruit. The job market for software developers is growing by the day as many businesses go digital.

Hence, it is only right and very rewarding if you seek a career as a developer.

There are a plethora of programming languages out there to learn, master and build the next biggest tech innovation with. However, zeroing in on a programming language of choice might be a headache.

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Here is why you should pick up JavaScript and run with it.

1. JavaScript is the most popular programming language out there. JavaScript tops the chart for the most in-demand programming languages according to recent statistics. Recent statistics show that JavaScript is the number 1 programming language in use by software developers. 

2. JavaScript is versatile. The use of JavaScript goes beyond traditional web browsers and web applications. You can now use Js for Machine Leaning, creation of desktop apps etc. Node.js is used for backend with servers, Electron is used to build PC applications and TensorFlow for Machine Learning etc. 

3. It is easy to get in on JavaScript as it is has a low threshold for learning. Web browsers are everywhere, to begin with.

4. JavaScript has a large support community. With new updates to meet modern programming needs with releases like ES6, ES7 etc. The community of JavaScript developers is ever on the rise which means you can get help easily when in need. 

5. Resources for learning JavaScript are ubiquitous. There are tons of JS resources out there that could be of help to you as a beginner developer.