While growing up, my only dream had always been to control things around me without moving a lot; if possible, not moving at all. That in layman's language is the meaning of robotics.  It deals with the design, creation, and operation of robots; which is more or less a programmable machine that can carry out a complex series of actions.

Robotics for kids is, therefore, the hands-on working of robots thereby making it fun for kids to enjoy.

robotics for kids

This is basically one of the programs we incorporate into the KodeHauz Tech Camp every year. At the beginning of the Tech Camp, all the trainees are introduced to different projects which mainly cuts across a number of basic components required for every robotics beginner to know. Then they are taught the uses of these components and the codes used to program them on a particular IDE - Integrated Development Environment called “Arduino”.

They are taught the different simple functions like void setup, void loop, digital-write and many more. These functions are really easy to understand and our well-informed tutors will be able to guide the kids down the right track. Some of the simple projects handled are blinking an LED, Christmas lights, and the idea behind traffic lights.

The one handled in the just concluded Tech Camp was the Robotic car. Using this project we were able to program the car to avoid obstacles, follow a line and be controlled with infra-red remote control.

robotic car for kids

The kids do not just get academic knowledge from our training; they are also taught team-work and problem-solving skills which are very important skills for their bright futures. Our training ignites the creativity in these kids making them have bigger dreams for future technology ideas. Even the kids who were confused about career options have found interest in technology thereby increasing their love for STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) and programming skills.

In the upcoming tech camps, more projects will be brought up which will fascinate the trainees beyond their imaginations; Anticipate!!