There are several points to note while considering growth in business, here are some of them;

A. Embrace Personal Development

To be successful in any business, you need to embrace personal development. Personal development is realizing within you that there is a need for you to improve on your skills. If you are into business, as the focus here is business, you should aspire to improve on your skills. Be true to yourself. Invest in yourself and you need emotional intelligence.  Practice and embrace good judgement.

B. Practice Survival Skills even in Recession

  1. Inspiration: Let the Lord be your number one inspiration (Gen 21:1-10)
  2. Resistance:  This is the height of moral courage. Be ready for change at any point in time and don’t allow it to determine what becomes of you or your business.
  3. Execution: Take action. Act according to your plans. Execution by Ram Charan, Larry Bossidy. Questioning is a skill and this book (David and Goliath)
  4. Ethical behavior:  is the biggest challenge for any business (Don’t carry out an unethical business)
  5. Business decisions: Be strategic when taking business decisions. Have the right set of team or board members to help enhance your business decisions.

C. Keep a Good Network: To keep a good network, you need to be a people person. Here are some networks you could keep;

  1. Professional network: The network of people in this category are people who fall within your line of business/ profession, people who have gone ahead of you, and experts you could learn from. They might not necessarily be close to you or have physical meeting/relation with you, but you can interact with them maybe on social media, or you happen to meet them at a conference or a special gathering where you can exchange contacts.
  2. Friends and family: Maintain good relationship with friends and family, your first set of customers, clients or patrons are most likely going to come from them.
  3. Organizational network: Keep contacts with people outside your office who do similar business to you with similar interest. This can also be called the office the network.
  4. Strategic network: Maintain strategic networks too. A political network is not strategic unless you activate it.
Glory Agatevure is a software developer at KodeHauz. She's skilled in Mobile App Development.