In case you don't already know JavaScript is a very versatile programming language that can be used beyond frontend web development.

JavaScript has many applications and we are going to show you just how versatile the language is.

1. Client-side web applications: JavaScript is the de facto language of the web. There are other frameworks that have made frontend web development much easier like React, Vue.Js, AngularJs etc.

2. Server-side web applications: Thanks to NodeJs, JavaScript can now run on servers. The Node environment allows you to write server applications, build APIs etc.

3. Mobile app development: You don't necessarily need to learn Java, Kotlin to write mobile apps. With the React Native and Ionic frameworks, JavaScript has gone mobile.

4. Desktop applications: Native desktop apps can be built with the Proton Native framework. Other frameworks like Electron, AppJs can also do the job although the applications built are not native desktop apps and still need to be hosted on web browsers.

5. Artificial Intelligence: Python may have been popular in this area but of recent the JavaScript library TensorFlowJs helps you build AI applications.

6. Game Development: With PhaserJs, PixiJs, BabylonJs etc., you can build web games in both 2D and 3D without hassle. The gaming industry is very lucrative and JavaScript is now a favourite language for building games.