The ability to write (code) computer programs is a vital skill in today's digital economy. When people learn to code, they learn and acquire essential strategies to solve problems, design projects and communicate their various ideas. This is why it is important for kids to be introduced and developed in the scratch ecosystem.

Scratch is a free educational programming tool that was designed for kids ages 8-16 for fun and creativity. With scratch and its tools, kids can program their own interactive stories, games, and animations and also share their creations with others online.

Scratch as a programming tool will help young minds learn to think, become creative and work collaboratively which we know by now are essential skills in demand today.

Scratch in KodeHauz

During our recently concluded tech camp, the children were trained on the basics of programming using Scratch. They were taught using block-based programming as they programmed by dragging blocks from the block palette and attaching them to other blocks just like in a jigsaw puzzle - which made it easy and fun for the kids.

This easy-to-learn technique of building code with blocks is referred to as 'drag-and-drop programming'. At the end of the tech camp, the children learned a lot on the basics of programming and they presented the various projects they worked on.

scratch for kids


Learning the basics of computer programming makes it easy for kids to learn high-level programming languages. This also gives them a medium to improve more on their creativity, collaboration, and tech skills.