KODEHAUZ is a tech firm that not only makes money by building websites and providing other services (tech project) but also attempts to give back to the community. In partnership with PIN AND Start Innovation Hub, KODEHAUZ ran Project Create for 3 months lasting from June 2020 till August 2020.

About The Tech Project:

tech project

The major goal was to up-skill young people and give back to society. This project was aimed at youth between 18 and 23 years old. It was advertised to attract applicants and those who applied for the limited spots were interviewed and a selected few participated in the program. Some of them stayed back for further training and to also stand as trainers to beginner trainees.

There were five different tracks dealt with during this project including:

  1. Web development
  2. Embedded systems
  3. UI/UX design (Graphics design)
  4.  Digital Marketers
  5. Mobile Application Developers

These different tracks accomplished different projects in the course of their training. The web developers created a real estate website and an IOT SWITCH website; the mobile app developers made an “IOT Switch” while the Digital Marketers created different platforms to market different products such as fashion platforms to practice what they had been taught.

tech project

During the course of this training, we had some issues carrying some of the trainees along i.e. some of them were really slow learners while some didn't have laptops to follow the training step by step. To combat the issues, we provided some with laptops even though they were not sufficient. Other trainees that were hindered were those who lacked financially and were not consistent in being present for training.

tech project

Despite these blockers, we will regard this project as a success. Why? All staff of KODEHAUZ had their hands on deck for the success of this project to make sure most of the trainees are established as interns or more in various companies at the moment.