A web developer is almost as good as his tools, hence we will highlight some nifty chrome extensions you should have in your tool rack.

1. WhatFont - this extension tells you what font type is being used on a web page. It also reveals other information like the text-colour, font-weight etc.

2. Usersnap - helps you make quick notes on any webpage on your chrome browser. It is very useful for providing feedback or reporting bugs.

3. Window Resizer - this extension helps you resize your browser window into standard screen sizes on the fly. There is an option for pop-up which makes it even better.

4. CSSViewer - it reveals the CSS property when hovering on an HTML element. You get to see the necessary CSS you need immediately.

5. JSONView - with this extension you can easily view your webpage as a json file without having to download the document. The JSON file viewed is neatly formatted and coloured for easy reading.

6. Wappalyzer - this is a secret weapon for developers as it reveals the stacks and technology used to build a particular website.

7. Wireframe - you can view a website as a simple wireframe for design inspiration. A wireframe overlay is placed over the website which breaks down the structure into simpler units.

8. ColorZilla - this extension is used to extract colour from any point on your browser. You get the correct colour value for your colour of choice.