Closed User Group (CUG)

CUG is an extra service provided by network providers to mobile subscribers for communication within groups. This service includes calls and SMS

The service is subscription based, that is the group administrator subscribes SIM cards for a plan and the group members use it all through the duration of the plan.

Independent of this, a CUG party can make and get calls to and from different networks outside the CUG as well. Such calls are made with the member’s airtime.

Once subscribed, you can:

  • Be a member of more than one but not more than ten closed user groups.

  • Be allowed to send SMS and receive SMS outside the closed user group.

  • Be permitted to recharge the line for your other needs.

  • Be permitted to make calls outside closed user group (outgoing access).

  • Be permitted to receive calls from outside of the closed user group (incoming access).

  • Be allowed to make emergency calls irrespective of the group subscription.



  • Independent on distance, calls go through from any location even if from different states.

  • The SIM can also be used for data subscription and browsing.

  • The SIM can also unsubscribe from any CUG.


Closed user groups are restricted to only companies, organizations or groups.

More than 10 members can belong to a CUG. Isn’t this great?


Benefits of using CUG for communication

  • Reduce call costs with one flat monthly fee.

  • Control costs across employee base.

  • Improve team communications and collaboration.

  • Increase productivity.

  • Simple to set up and use, no setup fee or hardware costs.

  • Set credit limits for postpaid accounts.

  • Allow unlimited calls to group members.

  • 24/7 helpdesk for support and problem resolution.

  • Devices are portable, SIMs can be inserted in any phone and can be carried around. This removes the barrier of distance in communication.

  • This also reduces the stress of time involved in walking from one office to the other to get a workers attention.

  • It reduces the chain involved in reaching anyone at workplaces, you just need to dial the number and you are connected, you never run out of airtime that means calls don't get abruptly ended.

With all these features, CUG makes communications more effective at workplaces and organisations.  

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