5 Technical Skills For Android App Development

Posted by ginjardev on Oct 14, 2020

Android is an open-source mobile operating system developed from the Linux kernel for smartphones and tablets. 

Machine Learning (ML) vs Deep Learning (DL): 4 Differences

Posted by ginjardev on Oct 8, 2020

Perhaps you have come across these words Machine Learning and Deep Learning and may assume they mean the same thing. They are not exactly the same thing even though they have the same origin. 

Essentials Tools for Frontend web development

Posted by ginjardev on Oct 6, 2020

A good frontend web developer is as good as his tools. Developing the frontend of a website or web application is much easier when you have the right tools readily available to you.

Our Digital Literacy Campaign and It's Importance to young minds

Posted by susan on Oct 29, 2019

Technology increases human capacity and provides newly refined ways of thinking and development, therefore, a pressing need for digital literacy awareness. Digital Literacy Campaign (DLC) is a movement KodeHauz has designed to develop and impact young minds with skills needed to navigate the digi

Continuous Integration Using Travis CI (A Gentle Introduction)

Posted by ayooluwa on Oct 24, 2019

As developers, working in teams or individually, we have had times when we spent more time looking for a bug in our code than the time we spent writing the code. As much as this is a common thing among developers, this reduces our productivity.

3 Simple Hacks for Writing a Headline Copy that Converts Visitors to Clients

Posted by chukwuemeka on Oct 19, 2019

With the mismanagement of content in content marketing trends, 7 out of 10 people will read your headline alone and 3 out of 10 will read the rest of your content. Why? Content and headlines nowadays really suck.

Web Design for kids

Posted by lydia on Oct 18, 2019

Another interesting aspect of technology taught during our yearly holiday tech camp is Web Design.

What exactly is Web Design?

The Beauty of Robotics

Posted by lydia on Oct 15, 2019

While growing

SSA Community Summit 2019 Accra: My experience

Posted by mercy on Sep 27, 2019

Developer Student Club (DSC) is a program by Google developers for students in Tertiary Institution to acquire skills and knowledge on Mobile development, Web Development, Machine Learning, and Product Design while solving local business problems.