Ikechukwu Achom Gives Career Advice For Intending Mobile App Developers

Our lead mobile app developer at KodeHauz, Ikechukwu, takes time out to lay out a path for upcoming mobile app developers.

Here are insightful things he mentioned on the subject matter.

Mobile apps are more popular than ever and there’s no denying it. Being a mobile app developer is a seemingly interesting and lucrative career path, but one needs to know how to go about it.

PHOTOS: KodeHauz hosts annual Developer Student Clubs (DSC) Info Session

We're glad to have played host to Developer Student Clubs (DSC) Heritage Polytechnic Eket - Info Session.

"Developer Student Clubs are university-based community groups for students interested in Google developer technologies".

The lead DSC Heritage Polytechnic, Ezinne Miracle, introduced DSC to the students and also listed out the benefits of becoming a member of the club. The students' presents were properly brief about the opportunities that lie ahead of them as they aspire to join the tech world and the essence of being part of a community.  

PHOTOS: Project CREATE 2.1 Ends In Grand Style With Our Principal Partners In Attendance

KodeHauz in collaboration with Start Innovation Hub and Foundation for Partnership Initiatives in the Niger Delta - PIND trained young Nigerian youths under the Project CREATE 2.1 in various digital skills including Web Development, Mobile App Development, Electronics & Embedded Systems, Digital Marketing, Graphic Design & Microsoft Office Tools.

Mr Patrick Ekpe representing PIND and C.E.O Start Innovation Hub, Hanson Johnson, graced the closing ceremony as the trainees demoed their respective projects before our guests.