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Master web technologies like PHP, MYSQL, JSON, XML, AJAX, CSS3 and Git.Requirements

  • A PC.

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone with the zeal to learn
  • Tech enthusiast

This Web programming training is intended to be your one-stop solution to Web development training. We bring together a bunch of the most popular web technologies and present them in a way that ensures quick and thorough learning.This will provide a perfect platform for any developer to start their web development journey. We have taken extra care in making the content relevant and interesting.Each week will have a theory and practical session, and projects will be done after each unit. This will ensure that you assimilate all that is being taught and can straight-way apply them in your own projects. Our curriculum is focused on creating practical real-world examples which will help you have a proper conceptual learning experience.We cover technologies described below:

  • HTML and CSS - You will get a thorough training in HTML5 and CSS3
  • JavaScript and JQuery - Learn the powerful script of the web and build better web apps
  • XML, JSON and Ajax - Master these technologies and create secure and efficient web services.
  • PHP or NodeJs: Build APIs with either of them.
  • MySQL- Learn the most famous server scripting technology with immensely popular MySQL RDBMS. Build complex systems and web sites using these.
  • Git: Manage software versions with Version control.
  • CMS: Build complex digital content sites with Drupal and Wordpress.

Course Categories:

  • Frontend
  • Backend
  • Full Stack

Learn all of it and much much more in this complete Web programming course.