Django Girls Eket

This happens to be the second Django Girls workshop that was organized in Eket. Didn’t really do much publicity as we did in the first one. But the turn up was amazing. How did it happen? We printed and distributed fliers to some of our friends in university, polytechnic and other organization to help share the flier and talk about the workshop. And also spoke about the workshop in a gathering of people when I had the opportunity of doing that. And it all works like magic. The key thing to note here. In the first workshop, we were few doing the publicity which made it a bit stressful. But this time around since the publicity effort was shared among different people, the turn up was good and less stress-free.

The event took place on the 28th and 29th of September, 2018 in KodeHauz, Eket, Akwa Ibom State. We were not gendered biased even though it was a Django Girls event. Though more attention was given to the girls. We received about 96 applications and about 45 showed up for the workshop. 21 were female and 24 were male. We had enough coaches on standby. More attention and the best coaches were given to the girls as we had 3 girls to a coach and in some group two girls to a coach so that can have the liberty of asking questions where they are not clear.

Day 1 of the workshop lasted for 5hours with the installation of python and introduction to python programming. The participants were served drinks and snacks at the end of the installation party.

Day 2 of the workshop was much more exciting as we started off with breakfast. Did a little review of Python basics and dived into Django. It is interesting to note that most of the participants installed Django for the first time, they have introduced to git and python anywhere. Some of them finished the blog up to the extent of posting articles.

We had a little break to ease the stress and to quench our thirst. Jollof rice and chicken was served with a chilled bottle of soft drink. The participants had a nice time cooling off.

After the break, the workshop continued till like 5:30 pm when we started sharing stickers, certificate and had a photo session. The participants were excited about what they have learned. And there was a yearning for more. Like what happens after Django Girls Workshop…

Given the extent of our publicity, most of the participants came from different parts of the state both far and near. Those that came from far distance we had to take care of their accommodation and transportation just to enable them to participate in the workshop especially for the ladies. Some of our coaches also came from far distance and we also had to take care of their accommodation and transportation.

The second edition of Django Girls Eket was quite interesting but was also financially challenging as we had to take care of more expenses from participants and coaches. With no local sponsorship. Thanks to @kodehauz who provided us with the hall and thanks to Django Software Foundation, Python Software Foundation and Github  and the coaches (Obi Justin, Ufere peace, Kinsley Usoro, Damilola, Wisdom, Blessing Akpan, Fabian, Aniekeme, Ayeni Lucas, Becky Jerome and others )who came from far and near for their support. If not for your support Django Girls Eket, wouldn’t have been successful.

With support from the Django Girls community, we hope to expand the community and reach out to more girls in Akwa Ibom Environs. We hope to have our next workshop in another local government of Akwa Ibom State to help motivate more women into programming!