We had our first scratch meetup on the 16th of June 2018 at KodeHauz, Eket, Akwa Ibom State Nigeria. It was quite an interesting moment of learning with Scratch. Scratch is an easy to use platform that teaches kids how to program using the platform.

The scratched meetup was targeted mainly at school teachers. To help them master the art of using Scratch so they can apply the same in their classroom.

Our first Scratch meetup comprised of both school teachers, business center owners, and students alike, most of whom had never used or heard of Scratch before. But as a result of attending the meetup, the Scratch software was installed on their laptops and the beginner's guide was also given to the participants to aid their personal learning of Scratch.

During the meetup, one of the Scratch organizers took them through a slide on Introduction to Scratch since the majority of them were beginners. Another resource Scratcher created a sample game which was projected for all to follow along. The workshop was quite exciting and educative as most of the participants were able to create their own game at the end of the workshop.

The first meetup recorded about 30 participants in attendance. There was refreshment for everyone as well as swags like T-shirts and stickers for the coaches and outstanding participants. At the end of the meetup, we had a group photograph.

The second meetup also took place in Eket, at KodeHauz. During the second meetup, we noticed that most of our participants were already good at creating games of their choice. And we created a game from one of the questions on getting unstuck with Scratch. The turn up was, however, quite low due to lack of appropriate publicity and frequency of the program. The meetup was initially scheduled to hold once every month but for certain reasons has been rescheduled to once every three months.

Don’t miss out on our next meetup! Invite someone. Learning from Scratch is the best place to start learning how to program.