Around this period last year, launched a program called Sigma. It was designed to guide budding entrepreneurs through the processing of starting and managing a business. Sigma was divided into 4 modules. Namely: Business development; Product development and Business management. Talk is cheap, they say. About 50 people started the journey, only 3 businesses stayed true to the cause.

One of them is HEOT POULTRY FARM. This project was led by Nnabuk Nnabuk Akpan whose slogan still remains “Healthy chicken, Healthy you”. These guys started with about 200 birds in a 500 capacity poultry and recorded only 4 casualties. To cut the long story short, Nnabuk and his partner, Harriet came today to say thank you to #kodehauz for giving them the platform, resources and the guidance to commence operation. As at today, they are planning to expand to 1000 birds’ capacity.


The second team led by Greatlove David Eshiet went into farming. They called their company FOOD LINKS. These guys started with just two plots of land after months of internship. He experimented without tomatoes. Right now, we are talking about 22 plots of land in just about 8 months. One could already imagine how far he would go. David is surely going to make us proud. Right now, He has diversified to cucumber, okra, maize, and fruited pumpkin. Let me stop the chapter here. I will definitely do a comprehensive documentary on him soon.

The third group led by Idara Ntiedo a member of Royal Music House proposed a vocational education business called Integrated Vocational Services (IVS). Their value proposition is to ensure skill acquisition for kids, especially such skills that they cant easily get in regular schools. They started with training kids on how to play musical instruments. Now they have diversified to dancing, jolly phonics, poetry, art crafts, etc. I am glad to announce that there is going to be Children's Musical Concert called the “The Rising Stars” coming up on the 25th May 2019. These kids will be showcased at the event. Their kids have increased Form 2 at inception to about 25 kids who are currently enrolled. All these happened in just 4 months of operation. The venue is becoming small and there is an urgent need to expand because the demand keeps increasing. Thanks to Senator Helen Esuene who gave us a temporal venue for the academy. Kudos as well to Mr. and Mrs. Canice Ezirim who have been very instrumental to the running of the place.

royal music academy

Knowing that you are making a positive impact is cool, experiencing the outcome is blissful. Thanks to Engr & Mrs. Aniebiet Udoh for giving all of us the opportunity to make this happen. Also thanks to the management and staff of KodeHauz for making this fantasy a reality.

Special thanks to the sigma team: Agatevure Glory, Ese Richard Emuraye, Akujobi-Emetuche Ugochinyereze

Kudos to all the facilitators: Otobore Upaka Olumoye, Iam Etefia, Samuel Ogu, Samuel Kenny Adeniji, Simi Olusola

Our appreciation goes to CEOs of HEOT POULTRY; FOOD LINKS and ROYAL MUSIC ACADEMY for staying true to the dream and giving me a reason for keeping breathing.

Good news for Budding Entrepreneurs.
SIGMA season two will soon be announced.
Location: 38 Afaha Uqua Road Eket, Akwa Ibom State.