Ekomobong Finbarr

As a child, I had always been fascinated by the vast jobs robots are able to perform, and by the way all these cars around us were designed. The problem is, my interest was not satisfied by revolving around the outer appearance of these machines and devices or by how well they achieved their functions, but was constantly demanding to learn more about how they managed to do so, and what inner complexities I was not allowed to meet closely made it capable of attracting my attention.

I have always tried giving lasting solutions to problems in all fields; but engineering arrived like a wish granting spell, as it combines most areas I am very passionate about. After choosing to be one, I read various pieces of information about engineers that made it to the high rank, success. Majoring in engineering is going to give me the chance to further dive into the interesting findings of greener environment, free from pollutants. This is what we (the world) are all looking forward to. I always try out all the amazing things we thought would only exist in imagination. And I believe everything can come possible; give it time.

I believe that every engineer needs to build certain skills including leadership, business adeptness, management, and ease of communication. I am skilled in planning, designing, developing, implementing, debugging and troubleshooting codes using many platforms. Also, I am good in object oriented programming, Embedded Systems Electronics, Core Java, C/C++, C#, PHP & PHP Frameworks, and still studying.

I am very passionate to be here at KodeHauz as an Embedded Systems Engineer. My goal is to build a successful career, which can help my company and me personally.

My hobbies are Internet browsing & searching for helpful applications, watching Sci-Fi movies & discovery channel, playing instruments, listening music, art & design. My strengths are self-confidence & dedication, positive attitude, and hard work. My weakness is my soft nature that sometime harms me.