Jacob Zaccheaus

A graduate of Electrical/Electronic Engineering specialized in Electronic/Embedded Systems/Software Programming, Design, and Construction.

Have working experience ranging from Power Systems Engineering design and construction, Electronic/Computer hardware Engineering, embedded software/systems, domestic automation and control systems through artificial intelligent techniques, to machine learning and microcontroller programming.

Passionate about carrying out challenging task/projects in embedded systems, power monitoring systems design, control systems and applications of Neural Networks systems in any organization where these abilities and capabilities will be fully harnessed to create value through continuous innovation and competitiveness.

Currently working in Kodehauz Solutions Planet as an embedded systems engineer/Asset Maintenance Engineer. Handled a couple of project ranging from Design, programming and construction of LED display boards capable of pulling text and multimedia information from a website, scrolling text messages, displaying pictures and videos etc; to design and implementation of an SMS based Domestic water level indicator and control system, Motion Sensor based door alarm system, temperature and humidity control system for poultry farms and microcontroller based Overvoltage/Over-current  protection system for Domestic submersible pump application.

Handled training classes for Industrial Trainees in Electronic system designs and Embedded systems programing at Kodehauz Solutions planet. Developed an inventory control/Tracking system for Kodehauz Solutions planet as an Asset Maintenance Engineer. 

Also had experience covering the last 3 years working with Jibs Engineering Services mainly on Design and construction of power Transmission stations and Injection substations at different Locations in Rivers State.

Worked with E-link Tech group and got cool experience in Computer Hardware Maintenance and Upgrading, Software upgrading, Networking with CISCO devices, LANs, office equipment industries, web site design with Word Press and Joomla,  Network infrastructure management, network architecture, project management.

Have good managerial, leadership, communication, teaching and inter personal skills; a good team player with focus on precision, delivery and personal development in a challenging work space.

An innovative researcher who like to get new abilities and skills in a challenging work space.

A quick learner who likes to work and create new ways to do things and improve it especially more interest in process optimization and control engineering area, where one can express ideas in automatic process and implement them.

Had cool extra skills and interest in Painting, interior decorations, playing Bass Guitar, Swimming and Soccer. Recently carried out a cool painting job as part of my volunteering at kodehauz solutions planet head office work station set-up during their start-up as a new tech hub in Nigeria.