My name is Kufirre Immanuel Ebong.

I am an Embedded Systems Engineer and the Research Lead at KodeHauz Ltd. I have a B.Eng. in Electrical/Electronics Engineering from the University of Port Harcourt and some certifications in Embedded C programming and Embedded Systems and Robotics from Atopet Automations Ltd., Port Harcourt. I have developed some Smart Systems such as;

- Automatic Face Recognition System for Attendance Marking using Arduino and Visual C#

- Automatic Bell System for Secondary School using Arduino and GPS

- Autonomous Guided Vehicle for Light Following using Arduino and Light Sensors

- Obstacle Avoiding Robot and Ultrasonic Sensors

- Remote Surveillance System (which can be viewed from anywhere in the world) using Raspberry Pi 

- Remote-controlled Light Switch

- SMS Alert Systems using the Arduino and SIM800, etc.

I have a keen passion for solving problems. I believe that God has created us to have no limits in our imaginations, therefore every problem has a solution; so long as we engage our minds and we are patient. 

I love Chess; I play the piano and Acoustic guitar; I love to make graphite portraits; I love to engage in DIY projects.

I believe in Jesus Christ.