Richie Nabuk

With interest in sailing, I studied Marine Engineering at Maritime Academy of Nigeria, Oron but used my leisure time to explore the web and learn new things.

I acquired basic computer skills (which includes how to surf the web) by myself. I'm a very curious person and I enjoy doing research. I was introduced to coding by a friend and I trained on HTML, CSS and JS. I've built websites with Drupal and Wordpress CMSs.

Bob Marley said 'You never know how strong you are until being strong is your only choice.' I started writing news reports when I had no other choice but to write, and as it turned out, people were very impressed. I wrote for St. Bakhita Secretariat Sokoto and other websites.

I've managed events/conferences such as National Communication Directors Plenary, Christmas Carols, Wedding Anniversaries and others.

I love swimming, watching movies and TV series (Game of Thrones is my favorite), conducting and singing with the choir and, of course, writing codes.

My career objective is to assiduously work towards accomplishing a challenging and reputation organization thus reaching high level of personal and professional development.