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Sigma Programme

KodeHauz has launched Sigma Programme to train youths between 18 and 35 years of age on how to build viable and sustainable businesses. The training will focus on business planning, project management and product development

Learn how to build Electronics/ Embedded Systems

Learn to design and construct electronic devices and simple robots. When you enrol for Electronics/Embedded Systems Training programme at KodeHauz, you will be trained on basic embedded software programming languages such as C/C++, Arduino programming, Python programming for Raspberry Pi and other microcontroller programming.

Our Blog

Improving Office Lighting in your Workspace

Many people don’t realize the effect that light has on human, but the truth is that humans are enormously photo sensitive.

Access state from another module in Nuxt

No doubt, Vue.js is a great framework for building amazing User Interface on the web.

Getting Involved in Meetups

Recently, there have been series of meet ups all over Nigeria which have also been extended to some part of Africa.

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